About Epic Journal

I built this as a free and open replacement for The Journal by DavidRM, which I have used for many years. The main issues I wanted to solve were better styling, and the ability to know that my entries are safe for the long-term, with an open and known database format.

Epic Journal stores your entries as HTML5 in SQLite – the most widely-used database engine in the world, and you can export your data at any time. SQLite has been around since 2000, and will be here for years to come.


  • Fast and clean Electron app
  • Single journal file that you can store in your Dropbox, or wherever you like
  • Custom style types
  • Pure HTML5 compatible
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Insertable templates
  • Tagging
  • Image support, with automatic resize to keep journal size down
  • Active development

Upcoming features

I’ll be working towards feature parity with The Journal, but the next things I’m working on are:

  • Mobile app (nothing fancy, just to add entries on the go).
  • Search. Good fast search.
  • Multiple folders. They will be tabs above the editor – think of them as master categories.
  • Linking between entries.
  • Minimise to tray, and hotkey open.
  • Notes folder – i.e. non date-related entries.
  • Emoji support.

If you want to suggest a feature, just send me a message.