To create a template, click the Go menu, and then Edit Templates. Give your template a name and fill in some text and it will auto-save it for you. You can use anything in a template that you would use in a normal entry.

To insert a template, right-click anywhere in an entry and choose Insert Template.


Click Go > Edit Styles.

The editor I’m using is TinyMCE, and it requires you to specify if it’s a block or inline level element. If you wanted to make a highlighted span class, you’d set it up like this:

  • Element: span
  • Type: inline
  • Class name: myclass
  • Style: background-color: yellow;

If you want to overwrite any default styles (e.g. p, h1, h2, etc), you can alter the editor CSS directly on that page. In case you need it, the default CSS is here.


Tags allow you to highlight parts of your journaling with a topic. For example, if I’m writing about my day, and I want to highlight specific personal development learnings, I might make a tag called “Personal Growth”.

Click on Go > Edit Tags, and set up a tag like this:

(the Style section is standard CSS)

When you want to use it, highlight some text, right-click and choose Apply Tag:

Pulling up entries with that tag is coming in the next major version, but you can start storing the tags now.

Keyboard shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Go to Today’s entry F5
Go to Previous entry F7
Go to Next entry F8
Go to Random entry Ctrl+Shift+F5
Fullscreen writing mode F11


Action PC Mac
Bold Ctrl+B Command+B
Italic Ctrl+I Command+I
Underline Ctrl+U Command+U
Select All Ctrl+A Command+A
Redo Ctrl+Y / Ctrl+Shift+Z Command+Y / Command+Shift+Z
Undo Ctrl+Z Command+Z
Header 1 Alt+Shift+1 / Ctrl+Alt+1 Ctrl+Alt+1
Header 2 Alt+Shift+2 / Ctrl+Alt+2 Ctrl+Alt+2
Header 3 Alt+Shift+3 / Ctrl+Alt+3 Ctrl+Alt+3
Header 4 Alt+Shift+4 Ctrl+Alt+4
Header 5 Alt+Shift+5 Ctrl+Alt+5
Header 6 Alt+Shift+6 Ctrl+Alt+6
Paragraph Alt+Shift+7 Ctrl+Alt+7


Your entries are stored as plain HTML5 inside an Sqlite3 database, encrypted with SQLcipher. You can access this data at any time with DB Browser.

More help

If you run into any bugs, please submit an issue on GitHub.